Tesla's Plates Practitioner Plate

Tesla's Plates Practitioner Plates

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The Practitioner Plates are oval-shaped and date back to the early Egyptians. It can be seen in the hieroglyphics found in the Pyramids. These drawings depict the oval-shape being worn over the third eye.

The Practitioner Plate helps with easing pain, speeding the healing process, and helping restore balance.

The Small Practitioner Plate fits comfortably in a shirt or pants pocket and helps strengthen and protect the Practitioner's energy field. This Plate is used by holding the concave side towards the point of pain or distress.

The size of the Large Practitioner Plate makes it ideal to work fast and at a distance.  Placed on the floor concave side up, under the massage/work table, your clients will automatically exhibit Alpha/Theta brain pattern, allowing your treatment to reach effective levels more quickly.

Special Notes:

* When working above the Throat Chakra the Practitioner Plate must be horizontal.

* When working below the Throat Chakra the Practitioner Plate must be vertical.

* The room may need clearing of uncomfortable energies, especially after a stressful situation has occurred. To do this, hold the Practitioner Plate facing down with your thumb in the concave side and start with a sweeping motion from the ceiling, down the walls to the floor and sweep the energy out the doorway. You will notice a much lighter feel in the room once completed.