Tesla's 5G Elite Business Kit

Tesla's 5G Elite Business Kit

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The Tesla's 5G Elite Business Kit is the Upgrade to the Tesla's 5G Elite House Kit. With an additional Stabiliser and an additional Laptop Set. Tesla's Plates Elite House Kit is for those wanting the full essentials needed to combat EMRs, EMFs, Geopathic Stress, Wi-fi, and radiation.

Tesla's 5G Elite Business Kit supports businesses like offices, hotels or even large homes that have 3 Phase Power and more than one Tablet/Laptop.

After much research and testing, the Tablet/Laptop Tag Set (TLTS) has been developed for both Tablets, Laptops and PCs. These devices generate Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) that can cause damage to human cells. This new tag set is a very powerful answer to the Electromagnetic (EM) and Microwave fields emanating from the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas of these devices that we use daily.

The Tesla's 5G Elite Business Kit was put together to assist in neutralising the harmful frequencies from EMR, EMFs and other manmade interferences in your working space. This allows you to live and work harmoniously with frequency interference such as mobile phone towers, high voltage power lines, smart meters, radar, underground water and ley lines, electrical substations, transformers in the street and much much more...

Tesla's Elite Business Kit

1 x The Tesla's Elite Large Oyster Plate –  influences an area of approximately 1 acre equal to 43,560 square feet and is specially designed to be used on large properties or high rise buildings. Great for the whole neighbourhood as it produces a bubble of energy which helps counteract Geopathic Stress for up to 18 stories up and 18 stories down. This is particularly important when it comes to 5G. It produces specific energy (non-Hertzian) that makes the frequencies from Phone towers (Microwave), Satellites, Radar, 5G and high voltage power lines bio-compatible.

2 x Tablet / Laptop Tags – The new Tablet/Laptop tag set is a  very powerful answer to the many devices we use, as these devices are generating Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) that are causing our DNA to break down.

1 x Car / Travel / Multipurpose Plate – Helps alter the aggressive fields coming from the electronics in cars and can also be used for massages and healings.

1 x Pocket Plate – Helps with minor pains or bruises and can be used to alter the taste and quality of food, water and even wine!

1 x Smart Meter Plate–This plate acts as a transceiver of specific photons (light energy) and is then able to assist with negating some of the adverse biological effects of man-made EMFs associated with computer screens.

2 x Adult Personal Pendants – Strengthens your energy field, helps concentration and also helps calm those sensitive to the manmade chaotic frequencies by bringing our energy to a natural coherent state. 

4 x Phone Tags – Alters biological effects coming from mobile or cordless phone transmissions.

2 x Electron Stabiliser – Attaches around a power cord and changes the frequencies in the wiring from chaotic to coherent.

1 x  Water Kit – Puts life force into tap water and neutralises it.

1 x Owners Manual - Explaining how each product works.

1 x Free One Hour Training and information Session with one of Tesla's Plates Team.

This kit contains the essential components for added protection from electromagnetic fields in the car, from the computer screen, laptop, electricity, and adding life force to drinking water, food, and plant life.