Who is Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla

In Smiljan, the mountainous area of the Balkan Peninsula Croatia, on July 10, 1856, Nikola Tesla was born to Serbian parents. Tesla's father Milutin was a loving and devoted Orthodox priest, and was also a talented poet and writer. Tesla's mother Đuka was a hard-working woman with many gifts and was also the one who sparked Tesla's interest in inventions early in life, as she would often create appliances to help with the household and farm chores. 

Excelling in school, Tesla showed early signs of creativity and genius, eventually finding his passion in science and mathematics. Young Tesla wanted to grow up to be an engineer but felt  "constantly oppressed" by his father's dream of him following in his footsteps and entering the priesthood. When in a twist of faith Tesla nearly died of cholera at the age of seventeen, his father promised if his son Nikola survived, he would be allowed to follow his passion and study engineering at the renowned Austrian Polytechnic School at Graz. Nikola Tesla went on to be one of the greatest influencers of modern technology and minds of our time. As many of his inventions were way ahead of his time, we only now begin to see the pure Genius that was Nikola Tesla.

One of Tesla’s first notable inventions was the Induction Motor, a technological advance that changed the world. While trying to develop inventions he could patent and market, Tesla conducted a range of experiments with mechanical oscillators and Oscillation in general. Tesla’s experiments with Oscillation  were the first origins of the Tesla’s Plates.

Just some of Tesla’s inventions we use in our everyday lives are the remote control, the alternating current (AC electricity) and fluorescent lighting. Nicola Tesla became aware that the alternating current (AC electricity) he had created would be far too strong for the human energy field to withstand. He issued the scientific community with a warning “ The Alternating current I have invented will prove to be the most dangerous thing on earth and I must find an alternative.”

He was not able to stop the Bankers and Business Community from completing the dream he had given them of domination and immense wealth creation by the dependency of the entire planet being charged for the supply of the alternating current we have all become dependent on.

Many telecommunications companies incorporate several of Tesla's inventions like the "World Wireless System". Tesla invented the "World Wireless System" and "Telforce". However, Tesla did not patent these. This was more than likely because he was fully aware and warned of the negative effects that  EMR and EMF can have if these types of technology were rolled out unsafely.