What are Tesla's Plates?

Tesla’s Plates are designed to balance spin rates which are scientifically known as Oscillations and neutralise the environment. Nikola Tesla used similar plates in many of his patents and called them antennas for free energy. As Tesla’s Plates act as both antennas and transmitters of energy they can be used for both negating (Oyster  Plates) and harmonizing (Practitioner Plate). This knowledge was passed on from Nikola Tesla to Ralph Bergstresser, and over 35 years ago Ralph Bergstresser used Tesla’s Invention to create the first Tesla’s Plates and Technology. This Technology has then been even further enhanced by Tesla's Innovative Technology. The Plates have been upgraded from Aluminium to Titanium and the vibration has been increased to align with the upgrade in the Earths frequency. This allows the wearer to vibrate in alignment with the Earth and return to his/her natural state of being.

When we get a burn or a cut the normal vibrational rate of the tissue in that area of the body is altered, causing us pain. By placing a Tesla’s Plate near the wound, it can help return the skin to its natural rate of vibration, reducing the pain and speed up the body’s own healing process.

Each of our Tesla’s Plates are 100% made, owned and operated in Australia. Once you put your order in, each Tesla’s Plate is custom-designed, which modifies its molecular structure according to your desired needs. The creation process allows each Tesla’s Plate to vibrate in tune with the natural life-force energy of the universe to shield and heal. 

Beautifully, hand-crafted and completely unique, designs. 

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