"Highly recommend these beautiful plates. After purchasing the set, I have not taken my necklace off. After reading the research, I definitely see the value of having these plates to only protect myself but also my family. I now also use the Small Oyster Plate under my massage table for my clients. Not only are there so many benefits that come from these plates, there are also so many stunning designs and the service was amazing and fast and was also provided extra information when asked. Definitely better to be safe than sorry."


"After wearing my pendant continuously for 24 hours, I saw a noticeable change. Thank you so much!" - Anna Meyer

"We are all much less cranky and worn out at the end of the day since getting the Tesla pendants. We now have newfound energy to enjoy when we get home. 

They truly are incredible!" - Celia Harvey


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"I purchased the pet pendant for my aggressive dog. Since he's been wearing it, he is now the friendliest and most well-liked dog in the street! He used to scare every other canine in the neighborhood, but his behaviour has truly changed!" - Renee Stuart

"I definitely feel more calm and relaxed after wearing it for a week. My anxiety has subsided and it's been really great! - Melissa Hart